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Parents often have questions and concerns about the introduction of mobile technology into the classroom and home learning environment. These questions are completely normal and can, in most cases, be answered quickly. Below you will find answers to the most common questions that we are asked in relation to ipads. Please feel free to contact Wriggle or contact us for further information.

If you would like to submit a question please use this form.

There is a choice between 32GB and 128GB iPads on the Wriggle website. Given that app downloads are restricted and eBooks/PDFs are generally small, is there any need to go for the 128GB iPad?

From wriggle: "We always give parents a choice as some wish to get the bigger size available. In my time working with Wriggle, I have not heard of a 32GB model reaching capacity so this would be more than sufficient for school use."

Can I opt in to iPads in second year if I'm not sure whether I want to join in first year?

Yes, but according to wriggle: " We would just need the parent to place the order direct with ourselves as there would not be a unique online store available to them. We would then configure the device as per their son's classmates in 2nd Year and ship out to the school configured. "

Also, bear in mind that in first year they will be learning a lot about the ipads and getting used to them, so someone starting in second year would have a lot to catch up on at a time when the academic workload would normally be increasing.

How often will the iPad be used in class and for homework tasks?

The iPad will be used wherever suitable as an accompaniment to traditional teaching methods. It will not replace pen and paper but be used alongside it, to enrich our commitment to productive learning technologies. At home, the use of iPads will vary between subjects, depending on relevance to homework tasks.

Are students able to load their own apps on the iPad?

Not with the current management methods. All apps and e-books are decided upon by the school and pushed out to the devices by Wriggle. If you feel there is an app you think would be beneficial please feel free to recommend one. This ensures that only educational apps are available to the student.

Who will monitor what apps each student is downloading and ensure that iPads are used appropriately?

The Department of Education internet connection, provided by HEANet, has a web filtering system will significantly limit unsuitable material from being accessed in school. Teaching staff will work to ensure iPad use is monitored in class time; however parents are responsible for monitoring websites visited in home time.

There are parental controls on each device that we activate, restricting the use of inappropriate apps to certain age groups. We also encourage parents to ensure iPads used around the house are limited to open areas where their use can be checked by parents.

For further control at home you might like to install an ikydz box available from Wriggle

Or setup Screentime on your son's ipad

Can my son use an iPad we have already purchased at home?

Athruithe i mbliana i leith BYOD (Bring your own device)

De bharr athruithe sa tslí ina ndáileann Apple ipad ar scoileanna anois, ní féidir leis an scoil ipad a ligint isteach sa scoil nach gceannaítear trí Wriggle. Sa tslí sin beidh smacht níos mó ag an scoil agus ar thuistí ar cad a dhéanann na daltaí ar an ipad. Seo hé an fógra ó Wriggle:

Apple have recently made some important changes which have impacted how student iPads are managed and deployed. Going forward, our IT partner, Wriggle, will need to utilise more sophisticated device management methodologies. This will enable our 1:1 Mobile Learning Programme to move in a positive direction to further enhance the benefits it can offer to teaching and learning and allow us to comply with pending data protection legislation. It will also help ensure the iPad is used for educational purposes only.

However, these changes mean that, from a technical perspective, devices purchased outside of the Wriggle Store will not be able to be part of the scheme. Wriggle have always worked with schools and parents to allow students to 'bring their own device' if they already had a suitable iPad, but going forward they will not be able to offer this option.

Why use eBooks?

Not only do eBooks reduce the weight of the school bag, reading over electronic devices is becoming increasingly important. Most textbooks will be electronic and we are negotiating with the textbook publishers to reduce the cost and assist in a small way with iPad cost. A list of subject specialist apps will be made available to students with all of the download information. This year 2017/18 as far as possible a text book will come with the ebook in case students need the option.

Can we get a printed copy of the textbooks?

This year 2017/18 and from then on, as far as possible, a text book will come with the ebook in case students need the option. For previous years unfortunately this is not available as an option.

Can students use Facebook, Instagram, snapchat etc at school if they download the app?

For iPads pre 2017/18 those apps are forbidden and are either blocked by Wriggle completely or if they are downloaded a message Is sent automaticallly to the school. From 2017/18 all apps are uploaded by Wriggle and no unauthorised apps can be installed.

Will each iPad be password protected?

It is possible to put an access password on an iPad, and we enable that when the device is deployed. We recommend students use a password that is known to parents and kept in a safe place by parents.

Are iPads insured – what happens if they are damaged, stolen or lost either at school or outside of school?

The school insurance policy does not cover iPads. We recommend that all families purchase insurance through their personal insurance providers or the Wriggle scheme. Students should ensure that they take responsibility for their iPad and keep it in a safe, secure place when not in use.

Will the school backup the iPads of each student?

Students will be responsible for the maintenance of their own work and will be required to back up their devices regularly. Every iPad is configured to automatically backup to iCloud in the deployment and induction session. Backups can also be made by connecting the iPad to a home computer.

What happens to my child’s work if the iPad is damaged, stolen or lost?

All students using iPads are strongly encouraged to back up their own work and will be responsible for work that has not been backed up via iCloud.

Can I choose a different iPad or cover than those on the supplier site?

You are able to choose a different iPad or cover as you wish. The school discount will be provided pro rata to higher costs devices.

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